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See the Emcrafts Cube II at EMC19 in Sydney  

Emcrafts have a stand at EMC19 in Sydney this year. September 9 - 14. JB Chun the founder of Emcrafts will be there to show case the latest Emcrafts has to offer.

Representing Emcrafts desktop SEM

max sample size
Horiz mm x vert mm
voltage kV
 60 x 30
 1 to 20
 96 x 50
 0.2 to 30
 210 x 65
 0.2 to 30

Cube SEM is the smallest scanning electron microscope of our range. With a maximum sample size of 60mm dia by 30mm height the Cube is vacuum ready in just three minutes. With  200,000 times magnification and 5nm resolution, the Cube is an excellent choice for your next table top SEM. 

Genesis  series SEM could be the work horse in your lab. Genesis occupies slightly less than one square metre of your precious floor space. Genesis takes a full range of all the sampling and measuring accessories you expect.

Veritas SEM Has a very large sample capacity with a 5 axis motorised stage and inbuilt camera.

Virtuoso is what we call the (windows 8) software which drives our range of innovative SEMs

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       phone 0800 222 812

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