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About nanovision

nanovision is a joint venture between Biotronics and CCAT Scientific in NZ. When EMCRAFTS were looking for partners to represent them in Aotearoa, Bruce and John were an obvious choice.

Bruce  Partridge of Biotronics (Dunedin) has extensive knowledge of electron microscopy. Bruce has taught EM at the university of Otago in Dunedin. He has spent several years servicing all of the universities suite and so is familiar a range of EM products.

John McConnell of CCAT Scientific (Auckland) has many years experience servicing various brands of scientific instruments, including electron microscopy and other high vacuum and high voltage instruments. 

Contact nanovision however you please:

        NZ free phone 0800 222 812 (0800 CCAT12)

        email: info@ccat.co.nz


At the helm

At the helm of nanovision is John McConnell. John's specialty is close haul sailing. After unbelievably being overlooked as NZ America's Cup skipper, he has lots of time available to manage a range of high quality laboratory products and provide instrument service support. With a background as an electronics engineer, John has been servicing laboratory instruments since the invention of pH paper, and has a thorough understanding of the principles involved in analysis. Having installed the electronic rain gauge on Noah's Ark, John has serviced many instruments none of us have even heard of, as well as being a gun on the new stuff.